BADGER – Robot for autonomous underground trenchless operations, mapping and navigation

Periodo: 2017-2020

The HORIZON 2020 project BADGER (Robot for Autonomous underground trenchless operations, mapping and navigation) is one of the few funded projects in the last LEIT ICT 25 2016 Call (7,4% of success). The RoboticsLab of the University Carlos III of Madrid (ES) leads the project with the following partners: University of Glasgow (UK), CERTH (GR), IDS Geo (I), SingularLogic (GR), Tracto Technik (D), ROBOTNIK (ES). The main objective of the project is the design and development of the autonomous underground robotic system that can drill, manoeuvre, localise, map and navigate in the underground space, and which will be equipped with tools for constructing horizontal and vertical networks stable bores and pipelines.


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