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RoboCity2030-DIH-CM program

RoboCity2030 is the biggest robotic long term cluster in Europe working since 2006. The consortium is formed by the six leading R&D centres of Madrid with more than 100 researchers in the field, half of them being PhDs. It is funded by the Community of Madrid and cofunded by Structural Funds of the European Union (Programas de Actividades de I+D, RoboCity2030-DIH-CM, S2018/NMT-4331).

We promote robotics science and technologies in numerous human-centred applications in metropolitan areas, as well as in country areas. The strong synergies created by the main partners and more than 20 associated partners, from industry, allow the development of dozens of innovative European projects and knowledge transfer programs. Several results from these R&D activities have generated added-value products, technologies, software and services.

Latest news

IARx2022, 23-26th, May
May 13, 2022

IARX2022, Ibero-American Robotic Rehabilitation Symposium With the aim of closing gaps at the Ibero-American level Leer Más

A method to optimise the operation of solar thermal power plants patented
May 12, 2022

José Carlos Castillo, Robotics Lab UC3M, has patented (as co-author) a method to reduce Leer Más

Elena García Armada receives the Red Cross Gold Medal
May 11, 2022

Elena García Armada (CAR CSIC-UPM, MARSI-Bionics) received the Gold Medal of the Red Cross Leer Más


The mission of the RoboCity2030 consortium is the development of robotic systems for the wellbeing of citizens and the improvement of their quality of life.

Our Technologies are oriented to solve numerous human´s daily life challenges by introducing intelligent robots. The main applications are assistive robots, social robots, field robots, rescue robots, environmental friendly robots and self-driving vehicles. All of them in order to create the intelligent robotic city of the future.

This Environment supports research excellence in robotics, performs effective technology transfer, creates innovative spin-offs and start-ups companies, and solves social and education needs. It works in strong cooperation with the regional government and engages several big municipalities of the region of Madrid.





    @RoboCity2030 RT @FlexiGroBots: 📢PROJECT EVENT📢 A special session on "Versatile and heterogeneous robots in agriculture" will be held within the #ROBOT2
    @RoboCity2030 RT @Fmrico: I have just created a #PlanSys2 organization for putting together all the PlanSys2 repositories and improving the management.…

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