The European Flexigrobots project (, in which RoboCity2030-DIH-CM participates through our CSIC partner, is carrying out a series of virtual demonstrations to present the project and the work carried out to stakeholders such as DIH, farmers, cooperatives... The idea is to present the technologies that have been developed within the project in order to validate their sustainability and their future development and commercial possibilities.
In summary, the project aims to automate tasks in crop fields (in this case vineyards) using drones and ground robots, which, supported by a series of services deployed in the cloud, perform automated inspections that detect diseases, treat these diseases by applying treatments in an autonomous and confined manner, and support harvesting tasks by transporting boxes of grapes.
A virtual demonstration is scheduled for Friday 17 November at 12:00 pm. It is of great interest to have attendees interested in the project and the technologies used. The demo will be held in Spanish.
Registration form:
IMPORTANT: inside the form you must select the option "2023 11 17 at 12:00-13:00 CET | Pilot 1 virtual demonstration" to register for the vineyard pilot demo. The other two demonstrations are for a blueberry pilot (Pilot 3) and a grassland pilot (Pilot 2). Full details can be found on the project website.
This activity is supported by the EDIH Madrid Region, through its partner UC3M.