IEEE-RAS Humanoids 2014 ready to begin

2014 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots conference will be held in Madrid, Spain, during November 18-20th, 2014. Carlos Balaguer is the general chair of this conference (as well as the coordinator of RoboCity2030-III-CM) and UC3M Robotics Lab is the main organizer. Among the conference committees are included many members of RoboCity2030-III-CM. The committee received this year a record number of 322 submissions from 31 countries in 4 continents, including 284 papers, 26 workshop proposals and 13 complete videos. Also a magnificent number of registrations are being obtained.rnThe conference theme, Humans and Robots Face-to-Face‚ confirms the growing interest in the field of human-humanoid interaction and cooperation, especially during daily life activities in real environments. The conference new scopes will help focus on the next generation of humanoids.