ROMERIN, the modular legged-and-climber robot that uses active suction cups

ROMERIN is a complex robot formed by four modular legs that can be considered as single robots or modules. Each leg disposes of a microcontroller, where the information about itself is contained and the low level control is implemented. An active suction cup is mounted as the end-effector of each module, allowing the robot to climb. From the control system side, it is possible to contact all these legs (whose name is unique) and send commands to them in order to carry out a task.


Body control is an essential piece of the whole robot control. As we can see in the animal world, insects and other legged animals perform a body-based motion. They move the body and, then, legs automatically move to keep the stability while walking, running, or climbing. Taking it as an example, the user (or the high-level control) can establish the body velocity and robot modules are reconfigured. In the following videos, the user establishes a body velocity during a couple of seconds both in simulation ( and with the physical robot (

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