RoboCity2030 and UC3M are exhibitors and partners in this trade show that will held in Madrid on February, 2-4th.
The most important robotic trade show in Europe
In an expanding industry with an annual growth of 17%, being the reference in Europe in consumer robotics, professional robotics, medical robotics, etc., means being the technology trade show with most future in the European market. It also guarantees the creation of an attractive image and high-interest contents, which ensures a high volume of media impacts.
All sectors represented
Global Robot Expo is the definitive trade show to measure the current state of robotics in every single field. From educational robotics, to industrial, consumer, professional service robotics, healthcare, AI, software, IoT, smart cities, related technologies or drones. Everything is interconnected and you will find it all under the same roof.
High profile Keynotes
Our commitment with the industry makes us believe in sharing the knwoledge of the best speakers at the forefront of robotics. The leaders that will shape tomorrow’s future will be present at Global Robot Expo.

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