ROSin grant for the ARViz project from URJC

The "ARViz: Augmented Reality Visualizer for ROS2" project, from the
Robotics Group at URJC, has been selected inside the ROSin european
project as a Focused Technical Project (Project duration: 12 Months,
Project budget: € 91 125 | ROSIN grant: € 30 375). In this project,
Augmented Reality (AR) is applied in the debugging and monitoring of
sensory and internal information of a robot. Equipped with an AR
device (we propose the Microsoft Hololens), we will be able to see
reality and integrate in it the information of the robot with spatial
meaning. We use ROS2, which provides real time, quality of service and
secure communications. We use bindings for .NET Core and .NET Standard
2.0, which eliminates the non-crossplatform parts and add support for
UWP, which is what works inside the Hololens without using an
additional computer.