Tomorrow begins WAF2020 organized by RobeSafe UAH

The 21st edition of the International Workshop of Physical Agents (WAF2020) will be held on 19 and 20 November at the University of Alcalá. This is an international forum focusing on research into artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in control applications and interaction with physical agents (mobile robots, vehicles, manipulators, etc.). It is an event sponsored by RoboCity2030.

The conference presents a wide range of research challenges in the fields of software agents, multi-agent systems, human-robot interaction, mobile robots, social robots, cooperating robots, autonomous vehicles, machine and deep learning, perception, location, mapping techniques and autonomous navigation systems. WAF2020 will bring together researchers from around the world to promote and popularise the scientific foundations of physical agents.

Due to the exceptional situation caused by COVID-19, the conference will be completely virtual using the BlackBoard Collaborate platform. It will be accessible through the following link, which will be unique for the whole conference: