Business incubators

The RoboCity2030 incubator hosts mainly, but not exclusively, spin-offs (mainly) and start-up initiatives from the RoboCity2030 groups.

The companies of this type created up to this moment by the hub are: Xpace, Arquimea, CREA Robótica Educativa, biiCode, Galilea, Technaid, Samsamia, Proximus, beMee, Marsi Bionics, Aura Inn Robotics, DASEL Sistemas, Werium Assistive Solutions S.L., Agrotei Soluciones S.L.

RoboCity2030 is setting up a commission to study entrepreneurial ideas and select among them those that are most valuable and have the best chance of success. These will receive priority treatment by the consortium and a seal or certificate that is expected to prestige over time to those selected.

1) Scientific advice to entrepreneurial ideas and new companies. Priority is given to new companies and promising entrepreneurial ideas, from both students and consortium participants. These will be treated in the best possible way and will receive all the scientific-technical support that is posible (including the use of group infrastructures) by the members of the consortium under the supervision of the commission.

2) Participation in entrepreneurial events. In this type of event (Brokerage events) the new companies and the bearers of entrepreneurial ideas are invited to show their initiatives before panels of experts and success stories are presented.

3) Collaboration between incubators. It is of great interest to promote through the groups of the consortium agreements between the business incubators of the entities for the collaboration between them, exchanging services provided to the companies housed in them. These agreements may include: space, business advice, administrative support, networking, training, etc.

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