Dissemination to society and companies

The main dissemination objectives of RoboCity2030 are:

1) Dissemitate the results of the research groups to society.

One of the responsibilities of the researcher is to contribute to the scientific culture of his community and explain to the citizen what benefits are obtained from the investment made.

2) Present the results of the research to the scientific community.

The high level of research of the consortium has to be made known by the scientific-technological community, investors and in particular those sectors in which robotics can provide solutions.

3) Disseminate the competence in technology transfer of the program.

It is necessary to show society that the research cycle ends in the application of the acquired knowledge. In addition, it is important to let know the investor and the end user (who does not know the capacity of the consortium) that the key to solve his problem can be the use of robots

4) Disseminate the RoboCity2030 hub.

The EU defines the Digital Innovation Hubs as ecosystems formed by SMEs, large industries, start-ups, researchers, accelerators and investors. Its objective is to create the best conditions for long-term business success for all those involved through digitalization. It can help ensure that every company, small or large, high tech or not, can take advantage of the opportunities.

It is important to disseminate to society and to those interested in collaborating this structure that needs the active participation of its parts.


The actions that are carried out to ensure the aspects mentioned above are mainly:

Press appearances

Dissemination events

Brokerage events

Visits to schools and other institutions

Website and social networks


Contact info:

Carlos Balaguer (coordinador): balaguer@ing.uc3m.es

Eduardo Silles (project manager): esilles@ing.uc3m.es