Fall detection and prevention in the elderly MiniSymposium at EUROGEN 2017

You are kindly invited to attend and submit a contribution to the MiniSymposium on “Fall detection and prevention in the elderly” within

the EUROGEN 2017 conference. This event will be held in Lisbon (Portugal), 13th-15th September, 2017.

EUROGEN 2017 is one of the most important technical events in the field of computational intelligence applied to real world and

industrial problems. It collects scholars and practitioners from both the academic and industrial worlds in a single venue to discuss and

present latest advances in the application of computational intelligence to problems of practical interest.


The risk of falling is one of the most prevalent problems faced by elderly individuals. A study published by the World Health

Organization estimates that between 28% and 35% of people over 65 years old suffer at least one fall each year. Falls represent more than

50% of hospitalizations of older people, and about 40% of unnatural mortality for this population segment (WHO). Prompt detection of the

fall is essential to minimize the damages. But prevention of the fall is even more important.


The special session is aimed at collecting and disseminating contributions and standard/new ideas in procedures, algorithms and decision

making mechanisms for detection and prevention of falls in older people. Robotic platforms and exoskeletons to track people walking and

identify walking anomalies are specially welcome.
Topics include but are not limited to:
Robotic platforms for walking patterns detection
Exoskeletons for for walking anomalies detection
Fall detection mechanisms
Multi-criteria decision making
Evolutionary algorithms
Optimization methods
Sensor fusion
Important Dates:

14th Apr 2017: Deadline for submission of extended abstracts (4-5 pages) or draft papers (up to 8 pages)

2nd Jun 2017: Notification of contribution acceptance

8th Jul 2017: Deadline for full paper submission (up to 15 pages)

13-15th Sep 2017: The EUROGEN 2017 Conference

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