RoboCity2030 is on Twitter
March 23, 2012

RoboCity2030 has opened in recent weeks a channel of communication and interaction on Twitter.

Radio program on the Robotics like educational element in Radio 3 of RNE
March 14, 2012

Professors Carlos Cerrada (UNED) and Julio Pastor (UAH), both members of Robocity2030-II, debated about

New web of Robesafe Research Group
March 8, 2012

More information here: Robesafe

Fernando Martín Monar presented his PhD Thesis
February 22, 2012

Our colleage Fernando Martín Monar (UC3M) presented in February, 7, 2012 his PhD Thesis.

First management committee meeting in 2012
February 10, 2012

The management committee RoboCity2030-II met last February 10 at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Emiliano Pérez Hernández PhD Thesis presentation
January 9, 2012

Emiliano Pérez Hernández, researcher at the UNED group, has defended his PhD Thesis the

Salah H. Kadhim presented his PhD thesis
July 21, 2011

Our colleage Salah H. Kadhim presented in July 21 his PhD Thesis. Its title

Summer course at UAH
May 16, 2011

A summer course in Soft Computing and Mobile Robotics will be held in the