1st UNED Workshop on Competition Microrobots
March 19, 2007

This workshop organized by Universidad Nacional de Universidad a Distancia took place from February,

2nd Workshop of RoboCity2030
March 15, 2007

2nd Workshop of RoboCity2030 ‚ÄúRobots de Exteriores‚Äù, Organized by the Instituto de Automática Industrial

Coming out of the Robotics White Book
February 27, 2007

In the 28th February next, at 12:00, is going to take place the official

The Professor Carlos Balaguer has received the Tucker-Hasegawa 2006 award
November 29, 2006

The award was granted the day october 3rd 2006, during the 23 International Symposium

The web of the Robocity2030 project has been updatedrn
November 29, 2006

The web of the Robocity2030 project has been updated with new revelance information, such

Beta version of the Robotics White Book available
November 29, 2006

More information in:

La Web del proyecto Robocity 2030 se pone en marcha
July 7, 2006

El objetivo de Robocity2030 es desarrollar una innovadora integración de dos grandes grupos de