Technology consulting

The experience of RoboCity2030 in technology consulting has allowed companies such as Arquimea, CREA Robotíca Educativa or others (including spin-offs and star-ups generated) to improve aspects related to the design and implementation of robotic systems as well as others related to the use end of the robots.


The importance of the industrial sector in the economy of the countries has been highlighted in the current crisis. All experts advocate empowering, digitizing and robotizing, this sector, which in recent years has been subjected to great pressure from countries with reduced labor costs.


The industrial companies that need more support are SMEs that can not easily tackle the costs of the implementation of automation and robotization. It is intended to develop systems that reduce the costs of both the design and the implementation of new systems.


Robocity2030 contributes to this change in the productive model of SMEs in the Community of Madrid through its consulting service that focuses on various aspects:

1) Mechanisms of personalized support to companies and entrepreneurial initiatives.

2) Studies for the possible association of SMEs in groups of interest to solve a specific problem (welding, transport of parts, storage, ...).

3) Research in the development of customized low-cost solutions avoiding large investments (robots with lower DOF, simpler controllers, solutions based on mobile applications,...).

4) Research in digitalization technologies of network processes, business models, self-check, new processes and materials, etc. that make it possible to manufacture products in a much more flexible, efficient, optimal way and with a high level of personalization, within the context of the Internet of Things, Big Data, Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing.

5) Investigación en robótica colaborativa de bajo-coste, permitiendo que los robots trabajen en armonía con los operarios humanos con su misma fuerza y rapidez.

5) Research in low-cost collaborative robotics, allowing robots to work in harmony with human operators with their same strength and speed.


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